Garnet healing properties




 Garnet is known as January's birthstone. What else do you know about this powerful gem? Do you know about it's healing properties and how was used in Ancient times? Here is a little bit history and mythology for you.

Garnet was very well known to the Romans and other cultures. It is a sacret stone of Buddhism and also continues to have a high religious meaning in India.

As per earliest historical references, Garnet has been always considered as a powerful protective crystal. The knights were taking Garnet on the Crusades to help  them become invulnerable. It also says that Noah's Ark was illuminated by a Garnet.

The name Garnet came from Latin word "granatus" meaning "like seeds" referring to resemblance to pomegranate fruit. No a lot of people know that this crystal comes in different colors according to the part of the world where is found.

The dark red is a Pyrope Garnet , red to brown is Almandine Garnet, next is dark red to reddish violet that is Rhodolite Garnet, red, yellow-orange is Hessonite Garnet and emerald green is Uvarovite Garnet. Natural deposits of them can be found in Afghanistan, Austria, Brazil, Czech Republic, India and Sri Lanka.

Garnet is considered as "stone of health", it will extract negative energy from the chakras and change the energy to the beneficial state. In crystal therapy the color of the gem often indicates what can be used for. For centuries Garnet was used for blood and circulation problems.


Here are some of many healing properties of Garnet:

                                              Spiritual and Mental

  • helps to balance your energy system
  • stimulates your desires
  • can prevent fears and insecurity
  • helps to enhance your personal self-esteem
  • increases your positivity
  • promotes action and perseverance
  • contributes to dissolving obsolete behaviours
  • gives hope when life seems hopeless
  • it is considered as lucky stone : lucky for love, lucky for success and lucky for goals
  • balances sexual desire and calms emotional turmoil


  • has the power to strengthen the heart and regulate too fast pulse
  • helps to soothe pain
  • fortifies the power of regeneration in the body
  • stimulates metabolism and harmonizes the composition of  blood
  • strengthens immune system
  • facilitates absorption of nutrients in the intestines
  • speeds up healing of inner and external wounds


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