Natural crystals and stones  can enhance your well-being and change your life by using their magical properties. Use it to improve health, happiness, love, success and prosperity like they have been used by ancient civilizations for thousands of years. Explore our wide selection of gemstone jewellery and loose stones . Select a gemstone below to see all products containing that gemstone:


Agates are grounding stones. When you need protection and  support, agate does the job. This crystal overcomes negativity  an bitterness of the hart. It will heal inner anger and brings courage to start again. This is soothing and calming stone, works slowly, but brings great strength. Agates were used in jewellery and physical healing dating back to Babylon. Legends mention the power of agates protect children from falling.
Agate cleanses at the physical and emotional levels. It will stimulate the digestive  process and relive gastritis, it cleanses the lymphatic system and pancreas. It strengthens blood vessels and eases skin disorders.

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It is effective for activating and healing throat chakra. It will ease depression and despair. It is also known to calm your emotions and mind and will wash away your mental clutter . Blue Lace Agate releases neck and shoulder problems. It lowers fevers, it is powerful throat healer. Balances body fluids and diminishes inflammation and the deformations caused by arthritis.

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It brings abundance to all areas of life including business and agriculture. It is most powerful protective stone for travel. It gives ability to see difficulties as challenges. This stone heals the nervous system and stimulates circulatory system.

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It is calming stone, brings security and support during difficult times. Fire Agate is very and can be used in treating addictions. It represents absolute perfection. This stone heals the stomach, nervous and endocrine systems. It strengthens night vision.

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Over the centuries Moss Agate was considered the strongest and most powerful stone for warriors. This plant like agate will act like cleanser for  almost any cause. It will release stress and fear. It is also a stone of abundance. It is very optimistic stone and it helps with depression. Moss Agate speeds up recovery and helps with circulatory system. It will boost the immune system and it is also anti-inflammatory stone.


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It is a good stone for very sensitive people. Stimulate crown chakra, It will ease a pain when experienced a physical loss or are lonely. It is beneficial for people who want to quit smoking. It helps with depression.

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It is very rare and costly gemstone today. This stone changes colour with the light, from green to blue-green, mauve, violet or red. During the day can be used to stimulate happiness, good fortune and success, and at night when red can be used to be more sensual, warm, loving. Alexandrite expands your adaptability, enhances sychic abilities and balances the Heart Chakra. It is also a protection stone.
Alexandrite is beneficial for longevity, inflammation, spleen and nervous system. It also helps with side effects of leukemia and tension in neck muscles.

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It is very soothing stone. It will calm the brain and nervous system. It will help to see both sides of a problem or different point of view. Amazonite will balance masculine and feminine energies. It is known as “Hope Stone”. It has ability to absorb microwaves and cell phone radiations. Amazonite lessens worry and fear and eliminates negative energy and aggravation. It helps with emotional trauma.
Amazonite is associated with heart and throat chakra, it improves loving ommunication. It relieves muscle spasm, is helpful with tooth decay, calcium deficiency and in osteoporosis.
It removes negativity and blockages from the nervous system. Amazonite gives strength to handle every day stresses.

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Amber is not a crystal, it is fossilized tree resin and for that reason it has very strong connection with the earth. It is grounding stone, protector and very powerful healer. Amber was honored in ancient medicine as an elixir to heal just about everything, worn on body protects health. It brings stability and helps to manifest  desires. It is one of the most effective energy gems. It will absorb negative energy  and transforms to positive. It will stimulate body to heal itself.
Amber absorbs pain and negative energy. It provides relief for headaches, toothaches, respiratory discomforts, infections and rheumatic pains. It is powerful chakra cleanser. Amber is helpful with depression, treats stomach, kidneys, spleen, bladder, liver and gallbladder. It has soothing effects and can filter germs by sterilizing an area.







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It is very powerful and protective stone. Amethyst was used by the Egyptian, Greek, Roman and American civilizations. Greeks and Romans used amethyst for protection from overindulgence with food and drinking. Egyptians used it as a healing stone to ease fears and as a protector when traveling. Amethyst is very calming and stimulating stone, good to use for meditation. It helps to be more focused, enhances mind, intuition and can be used to get in touch  with your inner self. It will block negative environment energies, enhances memory  and helps in decision making process. Amethyst lessens sadness and grief, eliminates anger, fear and anxiety.
Place under the pillow to cure insomnia and to have pleasant dreams. It will help
with headaches, releases tension, strengthens immune system and releases tension.
It is a blood cleanser and is beneficial for the intestines, lungs, skin conditions. Amethyst regulates endocrine system and metabolism and alleviates, physical, emotional pain.

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This is calming and soothing stone. It is good stone to wear when traveling
over water. Aquamarine means “water of the sea” therefore it was used by Roman fishermen for protection at the sea. It is stone of courage, clears up confusion and improves intuition. It is great for meditation and aligns chakras.
It is helpful for sore throats, stress and thyroid. It is believed to help digestion of food and reduction of body fluid retention. Aquamarine is also useful for eyes, teeth and immune system.

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It is a stone of luck and prosperity. Try to wear it when you need to increase your opportunities. It is very positive stone, protects from environmental pollution and cellphone electromagnetic waves. Aventurine enhances creativity, shows alternatives and possibilities. It helps in making decisions and promotes good leadership. It also teaches self discipline and assists with inner strength.
It is beneficial for nervous system, blood pressure and stuttering. It stimulates etabolism and lowers cholesterol. Helps with migraine headaches, sinuses, and skin problems. It is a heart and mental healer .

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Bloodstone has extremely healing powers, it was used to prevent injury or disease when used as an amulet. It stimulates mind, increases creativity and gives strength and courage. This stone has ability to remove any blockages and allowing to move forward. It is excellent protecting and grounding stone. Bloodstone boosts your energy and teaches how to avoid dangerous situations. It is calming stone, reduces irritability and impatience.
It is great blood cleanser, clears bloodshot eyes and helps with sunstroke and headaches. Egyptians used bloodstone to cure tumors and to stop hemorrhaging. It also supports good circulation, it is beneficial for anybody who had any heart traumas due to stress or heart attack. It detoxifies inner organs and stimulates immune system.  This stone is very powerful healer and everybody can wear for good health.

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                                             BLUE CHALCEDONY    

 Chalcedony was already known to represent the elements of air and water, in past civilizations. This stone represents  the ability to listen , to understand and   ability to communicate effectively. It encourages to understand and appreciate humans, animals, plants and minerals from all worlds. Blue Chalcedony helps to accept new situations without feeling lost. Improves memory, eliminate stress and stimulates telepathy. Works with Throat and Third Eye chakra. Reduces anxiety and relieves panic attacks. Helps to increase creativity and inspiration.                                                                                           
It alleviates problems with the respiratory tract like colds or the effects of smoking. Treats throat problems and infections. Helps with sensitivity to changes  in weather, problems with eyes that are related to pressure and the ears. lowers the blood pressure and ensures good circulation of organic fluids. Fortifies the immune system and the secretion of the glands. It may help with early stages of diabetes as it stimulates insulin production.

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In ancient times warriors wore carnelian for courage. It will motivate and give energy to turn ideas into action. It is helpful in job hunting, powerful for focusing and balances emotions. Carnelian protects from envy, resentment and anger. It will remove any negativity and replace it with love. It is beneficial in overcoming abuse and can restore your ambitions that might be lost. Carnelian is a stone of abundance and motivation for success in business.
It is known to stimulate metabolism, beneficial for weak memory and female reproductive organs. Carnelian helps in healing lower back problems,  rheumatism, arthritis and depression. It is also known to aid in healing physical wounds and mproves vitamins absorption.

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This beautiful soft blue crystal is connected to Heart and Throat Chakra. It is known to dissolve pain and instill love. Celestite  provides great support for children. It is a high vibration stone that stimulates spiritual development and metaphysical abilities. Prevents nightmares and negative thoughts and emotions. Encourages kindness and generosity. Helps to transform melancholy into joy and enthusiasm. Celestite has calming effect and supports in times of stress. Excellent stone to provide support  when speaking  to large crowds.


Helps to develop maternal instincts. Supports blood and the circulatory system. Soothes the eyes. Beneficial for mental clarity.  Helps to treat the gallbladder and spleen. Can increase physical energy.



It strengthens personal insight and encourages truth, hope and joy. Chrysoprase is a calming, positive stone, helps get rid of negative thoughts. It promotes forgiveness and helps to focus on positive actions. It strengthens friendships, clarifies problems and promotes commitment. It also brings good  fortune, prosperity and success in business.
It has strong detoxifying properties. It is beneficial for gout, mental illness and skin problems. Chrysoprase helps to have a good night sleep, prevents children’s nightmares  and is great for relaxation. It is helpful for eyes, heart problems and igestive system.




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It is very powerful stone, known as the abundance and prosperity stone. It never requires cleansing, it absorbs and converts negative energy to positive. Citrine is very protective and energizing stone. promotes optimism, raise self-esteem and increases motivation. It has warm energy and is a very happy stone. This stone is very lucky in any retail business and should be placed in cashbox. It boosts confidence, creativity and mind.
Citrine is helpful with depression and fear. It is great for digestion, spleen and thyroid. Helps with eye problems, bood for blood circulation and beneficial for women with menopausal symptoms. It is also believed to purify the system and aids with detoxification. Citrine activates the thymus and strengthens the nerves. It is beneficial for degenerative disease and promotes self-healing. It is very powerful cleanser and regenerator.

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It is an organic gem from the sea. Ancients believed that coral has power to destroy bad energy, balance the body and relax mind. It is protective stone when traveling and good stone for children as it supports and strengthens their growth.
Coral aids in depression, lethargy and promotes strong and stable personality. The legend says that coral would turn pale when wearer became sick, but would return to its colour when health was recovered.

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The Greeks believed that emerald ensured security in love. It is a gem of hope and faith, it will calm your worried or troubled mind. It will enhance the memory, increase intelligence and promotes creativity. Emerald has the power to stimulate your insight and allowing for the right action as the only choice available. It also promotes friendship and keeps partnership in balance.
It is a valuable healing stone. It strengthens eyes, heart and, immune system. Emerald is beneficial for sinuses, rheumatism and diabetes. it is also a stone to heal negative emotions and it helps with infections.





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It is known for it’s powerful protective energy and as a stone of cleansing. It is a lucky stone for love, success and goals.  It can encourage success in business and business relationship. Garnet can prevent fears and money  losses. It helps to raise self esteem and to heal emotional problems. Garnet also aids to balance energy and stimulates desires. It is a stone of commitment, hope and courage.
It stimulates metabolism and helps to reduce body toxins. In ancient times garnet was used to heal wounds. It helps with depression and bad dreams. Garnet controls anger and regenerates body. It is beneficial for heart, lungs.


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It is very calming stone, will prepare your mind to receive wisdom and insights. Howlite assists in accessing past lives. It will absorb your anger and one that is directed toward you. It is a good stone for sleep and meditation. It will strengthen memory and boost desire for knowledge.

Place under the pillow to help with insomnia, wear it or keep it in your pocket to absorb negativity. It is beneficial for balancing calcium levels in your body.

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Jade is known as a dream stone and as a stone of fidelity. It brings realization to ones potentials and devotion to ones purpose. It helps to inspire the mind and to make a quick and precise decision. This stone can attract good luck and it is powerful symbol of a successful romance. Hold jade in your right hand while engaging in business transactions and carry jade with you for getting things to work for you practically. It is a stone of protection, stimulates wisdom and desired goals and assures a long life.
The ancients believed in strong healing powers to the jade. It was used to heal eyes, as an antidote for snake and rodent bites when ground into powder. It is beneficial for kidneys, stomach and detoxification. Jade helps body to heal itself and calms the nervous system.

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Jasper is a stability stone. Can be used to reduce insecurities, fears and guilt. It will protect you from being over-emotionally involved with persons and will absorb negative energy. It is calming and strengthening stone, helps to reduce emotional stress. Jasper stimulates imagination and enables us to access our dreams. It also assists with organizational skills and with transforming  ideas into action.
Jasper strengthens internal organs, beneficial for digestive system. Helps body deal with exposure to pollution. It balances the mineral content of the body and fortifies circulatory system. It supports bladder and sexual organs.




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It is a great stone for meditation, it encourages connecting the head with the heart. Kyanite aligns the chakras and as it does not hold negativity does not require cleaning. The energy of kyanite is unlimited in pplication, making it one of the best attunement stones. It assists with creative expression and communication. It is helpful with transition through death. Kyanite calms anxious thoughts and feelings, favoring peaceful and pleasant mood. This stone removes blockages from destructive emotions such as anger and impatience and reinforces memory.
Kyanite eases muscle pains. Treats the brain, thyroid and the throat. It is beneficial for fever and high blood pressure. Reinforces the urogenital system and adrenal glands. It acts as a natural pain reliever and treats infections. It benefits psychological problems and depression.  

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First discovered in Labrador, Canada. It is a stone of transformation. It clears, balances and protects the aura. It helps to let go of the old and attracts success. Labradorite calms mind and motivates to find ways to attain dreams and desires. It will block negative energies during therapy. It stimulates intuition, provides Clarity and insight into your destiny. When going through change this stone will provide strength and perseverance.
Labradorite helps with body’s metabolism. Improves the function of digestive system and eliminates toxins from the body. It is also beneficial for eye’s and brain  disorders and improves vision. It relieves stress and lowers blood pressure.

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This is one of the oldest gem spiritual stones, used mainly by royalty in ancient Egypt. It is the stone of power, wisdom and love. It represents universal truth. Lapis lazuli stimulates inner vision and gives enhanced wisdom. It inspires positive thinking and it is beneficial for self-confidence and self-expression. It supports clarity and stability which stimulates self healing and contact with the soul. It is protective stone which will block psychic attack and will send back to the source. Lapis lazuli teaches value of listening and brings together relationships in love and Friendship. It helps to express feelings and emotions.
Lapis Lazuli can reduce pain, especially migraine headaches, helps with anxiety and stress. It assists with inflammation and swelling and boosts immune system. It also is beneficial for insomnia, digestive system and the thyroid gland. Lapis Lazuli can help with hearing loss and treats eye problems such as cataracts.

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It is very powerful protecting stone. Malachite promotes inner peace and hope. It bsorbs negative energy, encourages verbal expression.  It is a stone of transformation, encourages to take a risk and to change. It will help in business success as it will block any harmful business associations.  It aids in understanding complex concepts and increases desire for knowledge. Malachite supports friendships, and justice and enhances intuition. It is also a stone that absorbs electromagnetic pollution and protects from all kinds of radiation. Malachite should be used only in polished form  rather than uncut piece as dust particles are toxic. 

This is extremely powerful healing stone. It helps in fighting heart diseases and asthma. It strengthens immune system, lowers blood pressure, purifies liver from toxins. This stone diminishes tissue acidity, inflammation and pain caused by arthritis osteoarthritis. It rebalances the thyroid glands, assists with epilepsy, broken bones, motion sickness and vertigo. Malachite is beneficial for cramps-menstrual cramps and facilitates childbirth. It also balances DNA and the cellular structure. It is said to be worn on left hand.

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This stone is associated with moon magic and it was believed that full moon increased
it’s powers. This stone is considered as lucky love stone. Moonstone is a women’s
 stone as it helps during the times of transition in their lives. It guides women to be more balanced in their true feminine expression. It is excellent meditation stone, inspires softness and tolerance. It balances emotions and promotes clarity. Moonstone assists in letting go old and negative patterns, situations, awakes the intuition and guides towards right actions at the right time.
It balances hormones and menstrual cycles, increases fertility. Moonstone reduces
water retention and eliminates toxins. It is beneficial for digestive system and calms
stomach pain. It is also helpful with stress as it is very calming stone.



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This stone will protect from negative energy and it will help to release it. Onyx increases
concentration which makes it a great stone for meditation. It epairs memory and helps with making better decisions. It is a grounding stone, inspires a positive outlook and promotes self-control. Onyx balanced yin and yang energies.

It is strengthening stone and it assists with mild depression and in combating stress. It boosts the immune system and protects from infections. Onyx improves eyesight, treats ulcers and inner ear conditions. It is also beneficial for skin, nails and hair. Onyx strengthens the heart.

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It is a protective stone. Peridot is said to be a powerful generator of the frequency of increase-increase of wealth, increase of health and increase of joy and emotional well-being. It will bring emotions into alignment and decrease fear. It helps heal anger, jealousy, resentment and reduces stress. Stimulates mind and improves relationships. Peridot encourages to admit mistakes and to move forward. It is friendly stone, providing guidance as an additional resource.

This is an excellent healing stone. It strengthens metabolism, eliminates toxins and heals tissues. It is beneficial for heart, thymus and lungs. It also aids in childbirth by trengthening muscle contractions and diminishing pain by placing on abdomen.




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It is a pure and powerful energy source. It receives, activates, stores, transmits and
amplifies energy. Quartz can be used for stimulation of hopes and support of dreams. It will drain off any blocked areas that are stopping dreams from coming true. It protects the aura and energizes body and mind, helping with concentration and memory. Quartz will also energize other crystals. It will clear any negative energy and protect from radiation.
Quartz is a master healer and it can be used for any condition. It balances all chakras, It is beneficial for immune system and cleanses and strengthens organs. Quartz was sed in ancient times for reducing of swelling glands and reducing fevers. It is said to be very powerful in treating arthritis, depression, diabetes , fibromyalgia and  removing pain.

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This is a gentle stone that stimulates and attracts unconditional love. It will acknowledge and heal emotional pain and heartache. Promotes peace, forgiveness and self-acceptance. It will remove negative energy from chakras and replace it with self-love. Rose quartz aids in recovery from grief and loss.  Because of being such a gentle stone it provides calmness, decreases worries and helps to accept ecessary changes. It will  help to decide between right and wrong and promotes beauty of all kinds.
Rose quartz is connected to the heart chakra and it is helpful in strengthening physical
heart. It is beneficial for high blood pressure, increases fertility and balances all ystems. Helps with insomnia, chest and lung problems. Rose quartz is very beneficial for weight problem and for maintaining beautiful complexion. It is also said to help with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and senile dementia.


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Rhodonite is another pink stone that promotes unconditional love and it has outstanding
energy properties. It boosts self-esteem, good self-confidence and balances yin-yang.
It helps to heal emotional wounds and it is very effective in healing self-distractive emotions. Rhodonite encourages forgiveness, erases anger, resentment and assists with healing emotional shock and panic attacks. It helps to clear issues caused by abuse, abandonment and betrayal.  This stone will provide solutions to problems and keep you calm in upsetting situations.
Rhodonite may reverse mineral depletion by giving additional strength due to it’s outstanding properties. It is great for healing wounds, insect bites and can also reduce scarring. It is beneficial in treating arthritis, emphysema and stomach ulcers. This stone boosts immune system treats multiple sclerosis and hearing problems. Due to it’s benefits rhodonite is known as ”first aid” stone.

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Sapphire is known as a stone of wisdom and protection. It is promoting objectivity and directs our disorganized spiritual energies towards a single goal. Sapphire calms your mind and stimulates concentration. It is also known as the stone of prosperity. It has abiliy to enhance the power of intention and will to encourage rapid manifestation of our ideas and thoughts. Sapphire awakes faith and love for truth. Helps with frustration and invites peace and serenity.
Sapphire's healing powers are used for fortifying the nervous system and circulatory system. Helps with pain and psychological illneses. Improves the elasticity of veins and strenghtens them. Helpful in fighting depression and also calms hallucinations. Sapphire encourages the will to all healing processes. Lowers fevers, treats illneses of blood and is beneficial for the functioning of the glands.

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Smokey quartz is a strong grounding stone and neutralizer of negative energy. Helps during difficult times and helps to face what is no longer needed. It is also a  good fortune stone and helps to clarify dreams. It promotes positive thinking and it will neutralize fear of failure. Smokey quartz aids concentration and it is a great stone for stress.  This protective stone also helps with addictions like smoking and alcoholism.
It is very helpful for radiation related illness and chemotherapy as this stone has been naturally irradiated in the earth. Smokey quartz is great for pain relief and dissolves cramps. It fortifies nerves and protects from electromagnetic pollution. It is beneficial for back problems and in some cases can help with depression.

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Shungite can only be found in Karelia, Russia. This stone does not hold negative  energy and doesn’t require cleansing. It is very effective rounding stone, protects from negative energy. Helps with realization of personal dreams. Shungite helps to overcome fear of loss and strengthen inner security. This stone will aid in letting go old habits and will promote successful thoughts ad ideas. It also protects from electromagnetic pollution.
Shungite is natural antioxidant , promotes digestion and metabolism. It stimulates tissue regeneration and increases production of enzymes. It is helpful with skin conditions and has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It is beneficial for regulating blood sugar and  blood pressure.
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This stone will connect your thoughts to your feelings and help to eliminate guilt and fears. It supports courage and to stand up for your beliefs. It brings confidence and promotes search for the truth. It is a great stone when working in a group as it brings harmony, trust and solidarity. Sodalite is excellent stone to stimulate the brain and logical thinking. It calms anxiety and panic attacks, helps to balance and master emotions.
Sodalite cleanses the organs and lymphatic system, strengthening immune system. It prevents calcium deficiency and reduces fever and blood pressure. It is beneficial for throat, vocal cords, larynx and hoarseness. It helps with digestive problems and balances metabolism. It also aids in fighting damages caused by radiation.




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Spinel is used to renew energy and provides support in difficult situations. It will increase positive aspects of personality and help to maintain and accept victory with humility. It provides insights into problems and gives strength to follow through. Promotes structure in thinking and perseverance in acting. Black Spinel protects and has grounding energy. 

Beneficial for strengthening muscles, joints, arms and legs. it will cleanse the tissues and blood vessels. It has calming effect and is used for inflammation of any kind.

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This is protective stone that guards against harmful influences and unwanted energies.
Helps with fear and anxiety and aids with mood swings and depression. This stone will help to accomplish goals and allow to make decisions with clear mind. It is helpful for stabilizing  confusing and difficult situations. Promotes positive thinking, optimism and self-assurance.
It is beneficial for reproductive organs, neck and throat ailments. It improves vision and helps to heal broken bones.  Tiger’s eye by releasing toxins helps with pain and strengthens the spine. Calms nerves and overactive adrenal glands.





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It has very high energy and it protects against negativity.  It is grounding stone and clears and balances all chakras. Tourmaline can be used to protect body from exposure to excessive amount of radiation. It provides emotional stability and intellectual acuity. It is very beneficial for garden and plants. It promotes self-confidence and helps with fear. This stone will attract inspiration, prosperity and awakes creativity. It changes negative thoughts into positive ones.
Purifies the aura and removes blockages.
Black Tourmaline protects from electromagnetic radiation. It stimulates the immune system, treats dyslexia and arthritis. Regenerates the female reproductive system and relieves pain. It stimulates bowel movements, aids with stomach aches and strengthens kidneys. It helps  with stress and tension and alleviates problems caused by scarring.


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It has been recognized by every culture as a stone of power. In the East and Far East was considered as a lucky stone, keeping person safe and attracting good fortune.  It balances and aligns all chakras. Turquoise is a calming stone, helps with mood swings and prevents panic attacks. It relaxes mind and restore clear vision. This stone helps with depression and exhaustion.  It awakes intuition and boosts desire to take action. Turquoise is purifying
stone and protects from pollution.  This stone has ability to change colour. It was believed that when turquoise colour is changing to lighter it was warning of danger or illness ahead.
Turquoise strengthens and regenerates and heals the whole body. It boosts the immune system and regenerates tissues. It detoxifies and acts as anti-inflammatory agent. It is beneficial for viral infections and neutralizes hyperacidity. It also balances cholesterol level and helps with gout and rheumatism. Turquoise stimulates blood circulation and soothes stomach problems. It benefits eyes and eases respiratory conditions. 


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