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House of Magic Gems was created as a result of my passion and fascination about crystals and natural stones. Working closely with different stones and  crystals , I discovered how their amazing properties and their energies can help better our lives physically and emotionally.

Since I started making bracelets for family members and friends, I wanted to share and educate what I found out  with everybody. When economy dictated changes  and I had to leave my banking career this  situation gave me an opportunity to fully focus on  my true passion .

 I love creating beautiful, unique pieces of jewelry which can be used to help with emotional, spiritual or physical healing, making specific intentions or just to be a worn as a great looking gemstone bracelet. Every stone has it's own healing energy and they are  carefully selected with attention to quality. I am always looking for stones that are more rare, and like to add them to my creations. I like my clients to have  something different, not like everybody else.

Each bracelet is crafted by hand in Canada using the best quality materials. I am also certified Reiki II healer and every bracelet before leaving my shop is treated with Reiki Energy to bring the highest good to the wearer.

I would be happy to make a custom bracelet  just for you, all you need to do is contact us via e-mail or by calling our toll free number, both located on our contact page.