Natural Aquamarine and Crystal Quartz  beaded bracelet

Aquamarine and Crystal Quartz Bracelet

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Aquamarine 8 mm stretch bracelet with faceted crystal quartz rondels and sparkly crystal accents.

Aquamarine -  this sky blue crystal is a stone of courage and grace. It will calm your nerves and relax your body. It gives great support during difficult situations and helps to take responsibility for yourself. This beautiful stone promotes honesty, helps to be goal-oriented, persistent and successful. It makes a great tool to deal with unfinished business and helps to clear up confusion. Aquamarine is very beneficial for allergies, bladder and growth problems. It stimulates and purifies throat chakra, also great for meditation.

Crystal Quartz - this is a powerful energy amplifier, protects against radiation. It absorbs negative energy and encourages clarity. Crystal quartz helps with solving problems and  with memory and concentration. This stone brings self-knowledge and helps to overcome our mental limits. Crystal quartz is a master healer. It will help to diminish pain and  swelling.

This bracelet is strung on very durable elastic cord.

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