Blue Chalcedony and Crystal Quartz Bracelet

Blue Chalcedony and Crystal Quartz Bracelet

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Blue Chalcedony with faceted Crystal Quartz 8 mm Stretch Bracelet with 925 Sterling Silver bead cups and clear rhinestones

Natural high quality stones, hand crafted in Canada

It is a stone that absorbs negative energy and diminishes hostile feelings.

  • It encourages kindness and generosity  and helps to accept new situations easily.
  • Improves our skills to listen and understand others.
  • Great stone for students as it activates memory and increases efficiency.
  • Blue Chalcedony helps to eliminate stress and calms the mind.
  • It also improves oral skills and ability to speak other languages therefore it is chosen crystal for diplomats.
  • One of many healing properties is to help with colds and illnesses related to changes in the weather. 

 This bracelet is strung on very durable elastic cord.

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