Botswana Agate with Cherry Quartz 8 mm bracelet and rose gold plated rhinestones

Botswana Agate with Cherry Quartz Bracelet

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Botswana Agate 8 mm beads
Cherry Quartz 8 mm beads

Rose gold plated rhinestones and accents

Natural High Quality Crystals. Hand made with a special touch of Reiki, ships from Canada worldwide.

Beautiful combination of Botswana Agate crystal with Cherry Quartz will for sure boost your confidence. Wear it alone or in the stack.

Healing properties:

 Botswana Agate:

  • popular stone in Africa for protection, can protect you if you are  very sensitive especially in crowds
  • can enhance creativity
  • it's property helps you handle change in a positive way
  • helps to release emotional nuances
  • beneficial for smokers and those who wants to quit smoking
  • allows to look for the solution rather then dwell upon the problem
  • stimulates Crown Chakra
  • helps with detoxification
  • it's been used in treatments of nervous system disorders

Cherry Quartz:

  • created crystal using natural Quartz and Cinnabar
  • great for healing emotional wounds
  • helps you to get in touch with your true emotions
  • it is a stone of harmony, balancing mind,relashionships
  • stone of unconditional love
  • opens the heart to all forms of love and acceptance

This bracelet is strung on very durable, high quality elastic cord

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