Burmese Jade bracelet with cz pave silver elephant charm as spacers

Burmese Jade Bracelet

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Burmese Jade 8 mm Bracelet with cubic zirconia, silver elephant charm and spacers. 

Natural stones, hand made in Canada with a special touch of Reiki.

Jade is known as a good luck, prosperity and long life for thousands of years. Burma is the primary source of top-grade jadeite.

  • Helps to awake hidden knowledge and stimulates ideas, need for action.
  • Maintains balance between work and physical rest.
  • It is helpful with spiritual realization and with solving problems.
  • Will inspire your mind to make a quick and precise decision.
  • Jade is a calming and healing stone.
  • It will balance your nervous system.
  • Wearing or carrying Jade will help to get things to work for you practically and stimulate wisdom and desired goals.

This bracelet is strung on very durable elastic cord.

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