Charoite 8mm natural stone beaded bracelet wit CZ tube

Charoite Bracelet

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Charoite 8mm beaded bracelet with CZ silver tube and rhinestones

Natural, high quality stone, hand made with a special touch of Reiki in Canada, ships worldwide

This beautiful violet purple stone comes only from Russia and is known as a magical stone. These are the properties of Charoite:

  • brings us into closer alignment with the soul
  • stimulates inner vision and spiritual intuition
  • helps us cope with profound changes in our lives
  • encourages unconditional love
  • purifies and transmutes negativity
  • helps with stress and worries
  • connected with Third Eye Chakra
  • helps with decision making
  • supports the eyes
  • regularizes blood pressure
  • helps with cramps and pain
  • encourages alkaline metabolism

This bracelet is strung on very durable elastic cord.

  • Made to order and ready to ship 1-3 business days
  • 30 days Money Back Guarantee