Natural Dumortierite stretch bracelet 8mm beads  and 6mm Tanzite Aura quartz beads

Dumortierite Bracelet

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Blue Dumortierite and Tanzanite Aura Quartz stretch bracelet made with 8 and 6mm natural beads, accented with silver clear cubic zirconia spacer and rhinestones. Hand made in Canada with special touch of Reiki, worldwide shipping

 Dumortierite helps to have positive attitude towards life.

  • It will decrease fear and will help to deal with nervousness 
  • Dumortierite can be used as a supportive aid during substance abuse therapy as it recognizes compulsive behavioral patterns and helps to dissolve them.
  • It also gives us courage and trust in difficult situations.
  • Helps with breaking away from ties that are no longer needed.
  • It is beneficial when learning other languages and boosts self-confidence.

Tanzanite Aura Quartz: This mystical Aura Quartz is Quartz artificially enhanced and    

                                     yet quite powerful.

  • Opens and aligns crown chakra, drawing cosmic energy into the physical body
  • Brings spiritual interconnection and physical balance
  • Helps with difficult times and metabolism
  • Beneficial for immune system
  • Helps with cleansing organs
This bracelet is strung on very durable, high quality elastic cord

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