Golden Sheen Obsidian 10 mm natural stretch bracelet with cz gold tube

Golden Obsidian Bracelet

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Golden Obsidian 10 mm natural high quality beads with cz gold tube and 18k gold plated nugget beads. Hand crafted in Canada with a special touch of Reiki.

This magical stone has beautiful light golden sheen. 

meaning and healing properties:

  • helps to remove blockages and debris from the past
  • works with Root Chakra
  • provides a shield aganist psychic attack
  • good protective stone for hypersensitive people
  • draws off negativity
  • guides towards knowledge involving the future
  • supports during inner strugles with your ego
  • stabilizes mood swings
  • helps in treating allergies

This bracelet is strung on very durable elastic cord.

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