Green Moonstone and Emerald stretch bracelet wit cz  bead and rhinestones

Green Moonstone and Emerald Bracelet

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Green Moonstone and Brazilian Emerald 8mm stretch bracelet with cz micro-pave silver bead and clear rhinestones.

All natural stones, hand made in Canada and infused with Reiki.

Green Moonstone: This is very rare, minty green form of Moonstone

  • Very calming stone
  • Helps to ease worry and overwhelming feelings
  • It has nurturing, loving vibration
  • Works with Heart Chakra
  • Balances feminine energies
  • Stimulates self-love and hope
  • Helps when you have sleeping problems
  • Relieves pain from cramps
  • Helps with menstrual imbalance

Emerald: was discovered near Red Sea around 2000 BC.

  • Brings divine inspiration
  • Represents fulfilled love
  • Guides towards your goal
  • Brings clarity and alertness
  • Considered as a symbol of hope and faith
  • Helps with emotional and mental balance
  • Eases symptoms of claustrophobia
  • Beneficial for sinuses

This bracelet is strung on very durable, high quality elastic cord

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