Men's Lava and Blue Aventurine Bracelet

Men's Lava and Blue Aventurine Bracelet

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Lava Rock and Blue Aventurine 10 mm Stretch Bracelet

Natural stones hand crafted in Canada

Lava Rock - formed from volcano.

  • It is very powerful stone for anyone born under a fire sign in the astrology.
  • It will help to  raise energy level and calm emotions.
  • Lava rock is very useful for those who are indecisive or feel weak.
  • This stone provides protection and grounding.

Blue Aventurine - stone of prosperity and  positive energy.

  • It will calm and relax you and help to relieve nervousness.
  • When working on a project it will help to approach with calmness and determination
  • Blue aventurine is a powerful mental healer.
  • It strengthens leadership qualities and stimulates creativity.

This  bracelet is strung on very durable elastic cord.

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