Moonstone and Kunzite Bracelet

Moonstone and Kunzite Bracelet

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Grey Moonstone high luster 8 mm stretch bracelet
Kunzite 8 mm with cubic zirconia barrel bead and rhinestones
Natural high quality stone, hand made with a special touch of Reiki in Canada, ships worldwide
Moonstone: this stone is connected to moon and it awakes intuition and encourages patience.
  • It helps to balance emotions and calms when overreacting in situations.
  • Moonstone gives loving, feminine energy.
  • It can open your heart to love but it will always protect you.
  • awakens intuition and guiding to the right action at the right moment
  • It is beneficial for menopausal , menstrual problems.

Kunzite: this beautiful pale pink/lavender stone helps to open our hearts to divine love, self-love and love for others.

  • Allows to be focused on a task with all energy when there is distraction around us.
  • It will calm our emotions and help to get rid of resistances.
  • Encourages wisdom and promotes tolerance.
  • Supports to accept constructive criticism and advocates forgiveness.
  • Very beneficial when having difficulties in making contacts with others.
  • Kunzite also helps with depression and with uplifting a mood.
  • Connected to heart chakra

This bracelet is strung on very durable elastic cord.

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