Ruby in Kyanite 8 mm faceted stretch bracelet

Ruby in Kyanite Bracelet

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Ruby in Kyanite faceted stretch bracelet - 8 mm with Cubic Zirconia silver bead and clear rhinestones. Natural crystals, hand crafted in Canada and infused with Reiki, ships worldwide.

Unique an rare combination of Ruby and Kyanite was recently found in India.

  • great stone for meditation
  • provides clearer visualization
  • brings spiritual wisdom
  • protects from psychic attacks
  • stimulates our intuition
  • helps to bring dreams to reality
  • balances yin-yang energies
  • helps to remove energy blockages
  • provides positive mindset
  • helps to heal emotions
  • helps with sleeping
  • strengthen the heart
  • helpful during detoxification

This bracelet is strung on very durable elastic cord.

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