Ruby in Zoisite 8 mm stretch bracelet with multi colour Hematite and goldplated Bee charm

Ruby in Zoisite Bracelet

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Ruby in Zoisite  8 mm Stretch Bracelet with multi colour faceted  Hematite and gold plated Bee charm, symbol of anything is possible

Natural crystals, hand crafted in Canada and infused with Reiki, ships worldwide.

Ruby in Zoisite : this combination of Ruby and Zoisite strengthens the life force

  • it helps to transform destructive attitudes into constructive lifestyle
  • this stone encourages recovery from illnesses or heavy stress
  • allows us uncover suppressed feelings and gradually work through them and express them
  • it is a stone that promotes creativity and commitment
  • Ruby in Zoisite changes negative energies into positive ones
  • helps us to reconnect with true desires and intentions
  • helps to break away free from influences of others
  • beneficial for strengthening immune system

Hematite: it is grounding and protective stone.

  • provides confidence, strength and courage.
  • it will eliminate negativity and protect from negativity of other people.
  • Hematite encourages optimism and boosts self-esteem.
  • on physical level it has very strong connection with blood.
  • helps to reduce blood pressure, stress and anxiety.

    This bracelet is strung on very durable elastic cord.

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