Shungite Cell Protection Plate

Shungite Cell Protection Plate

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Shungite cell protection plate . Natural Shungite stone from Russia

charged with Reiki energy, ships from Canada worldwide.

According to research done by scientists placing shungite on your cell phone can neutralize electromagnetic radiation  going to your body. This powerful stone is almost 2 billion years old. It has protective energies , will absorb radioactive waves and strengthens vital energy field of the etheric body. Shungite never requires cleansing. Comes directly form Russia - Korelia where can be found. You have a choice of round or rectangular shape polished plate.

Instructions how to place on your cell: peel off white cover  from the back of the shungite plate and place on the back of your cell phone or the cover. Press gently and you are done.

Make sure to check before you stick on your cell if shungite plate can be placed directly on your cell phone or should be on the cover as once placed it will not come off.

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