Shungite and Crystal Quartz 8mm stretch braceet with CZ silver tube bead

Shungite - EMF Protection Bracelet - New

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Shungite 8 mm stretch bracelet with faceted  Crystal Quartz and silver CZ tube bead. Hand made using only natural and high quality stones. Infused with Reiki, ships worldwide.

This  powerful combination of Shungite and Crystal Quartz protects from harmful electro-magnetic fields of cell phone, computers.

Shungite: this rare carbon mineral has extremely powerful protective power

  • Guards against electromagnetic waves
  • Helps to recharge quickly your energetic potential
  • Strengthens a sense of inner security
  • Helps to let go of old habits and destructive thoughts
  • Never holds negative energy
  • Very effective grounding stone
  • It is natural, powerful antioxydant
  • Absorbs pesticides, free radicals, viruses and bacteria
  • Stimulates tissue regeneration

Crystal Quartz: very protective against radiation

  • It absorbs negative energy and encourages clarity
  • Helps with solving problems and  with memory and concentration
  • Brings self-knowledge and helps to overcome our mental limits
  • Crystal quartz is a master healer
  • It will help to diminish pain and  swelling
  • Brings body into balance

This bracelet is strung on very durable elastic cord.

  • Made to order and ready to ship 1-3 business days
  • 30 days Money Back Guarantee