White Topaz faceted 5mm and Apatite stretch bracelet wit 925 SS beads

White Topaz and Apatite Bracelet

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White Topaz faceted 5 mm beads and Blue Apatite 5x3 mm stretch Bracelet with 925 Sterling Silver spacers. Natural high quality stonesHand crafted in Canada with a special touch of Reiki.

White Topaz:

  • it heals your soul
  • helps to release mental attachments
  • purifies emotions and actions
  • activates cosmic awareness
  • removes stagnant energy
  • promotes honesty and forgiveness
  • beneficial for digestion and anorexia
  • helpful with metabolism


  • allows for easy achievement of an expected result
  • deepens meditation
  • fight aganist apathy
  • enhances motivation and stimulates creativity
  • helps to overcome grief, anger
  • favors communication and self-expression
  • helps with calcium absorption
  • beneficial for bones, motor skills

This bracelet is strung on very durable elastic cord.

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