White Agate, Black onyx and Cracked Quartz 8mm beaded bracelet

White Agate Bracelet

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White Agate 8 mm beaded bracelet with Cracked Crystal Quartz, Black Onyx with inlaid CZ Crystals, all natural stones.

Hand made in Canada with special touch of Reiki.

White Agate: Agate is known as a protective and good luck stone for ages.

  • Balances and harmonizes body and mind
  • Cleanses aura and removes all negativity
  • Brings calmness and peace
  • Helps with self-confidence
  • Promotes tolerance and understanding
  • Protective stone in pregnancy
  • Beneficial for eyes and brain

Black Onyx

  • Makes us to be realistic and helps to control our actions and making better decisions
  • It is a grounding, motivating stone
  • Absorbs negativity and balances yin and yang energies
  • Protects from accidents
  • for some people can be draining if worn for long periods.
  • Helps us to pursue our goals
  • Helps with concentration

Cracked Crystal Quartz:

  • Encourages clarity
  • This is a powerful energy amplifier
  • Helps with solving problems and  with memory
  • This stone brings self-knowledge and helps to overcome our mental limits
  • It will help to diminish pain and  swelling
  • Crystal quartz is a master healer


This bracelet is strung on very durable, high quality elastic cord

  • Made to order and ready to ship 1-3 business days
  • 30 days Money Back Guarantee