Natural White Jade 8mm beaded bracelet with Coral and  faceted Hematite

White Jade and Coral Bracelet

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White Jade 8 mm stretch bracelet  with Coral and silver faceted Hematite 6mm beads

Natural stones, hand made in Canada with touch of Reiki

White Jade : the ancients believed that jade promotes long life and has extensive healing powers.

  • This stone stimulates ideas and helps with dream interpretation.
  • Jade is said to attract good luck and friendship.
  • It filters distractions and helps your mind to make precise decision quickly.

Coral : coral does not hold negative energy, protects against negative influences.

  • It is calming stone and helps with visualization and meditation.
  • It is beneficial for small children as it supports and strengthens their growth.
  • Coral helps to relax  emotions and mind, encourages strong, stable personality.

Hematite : provides strength and courage .

  • It eliminates negative energies and protects from negativity of others.
  • Hematite is beneficial in healing body.
  • Helps to lower blood pressure and provides relive from pain.
  • This is grounding stone that also boosts confidence.

This bracelet is strung on very durable elastic cord.

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